About MWWA

The Penan Women Project is a project initiated by the Miri Women Weaving Association (MWWA) in Sarawak. Officially registered on 14 March 2016, MWWA was set up to help needy nomadic and semi-nomadic Penans in Limbang and Miri divisions of Sarawak. The association is founded by Shida Mojet with Ann Wong as its current chairperson.

From left : Karen Ho (AJK member), Ann Wong (Chairperson) , Gunaimah (PWP Weaver), Shida Mojet (Founder)

MWWA helps the Penan learn about income generation while tapping into their resources and knowledge about traditional crafts like weaving.

Their mission is to help the Penan women get out of poverty by making and selling handwoven products such as affordably priced and contemporary tote bags and laundry baskets.

Sense of Dignity & Self Worth

The weaving project has injected optimism into their lives. Families now get together to weave bags and baskets. Earning an income has given the Penan woman a sense of dignity and self-worth. She is slowly becoming independent and is learning that she too has a voice and an important role to play in the Penan community.

Besides the weaving project, MWWA also helps with medical and maternity care such as paying medical bills, providing milk, food and clothes for Penan mothers and babies.

MWWA also welcomes assistance to help the Penans as some of the Penan villages are isolated. They are located in the middle of the jungle and are devoid of basic necessities like clean water supply, electricity, health and sanitation services, roads, schools and proper transportation.

Other projects that the MWWA are carrying out include teaching the Penan families to grow vegetables (supplying them with seeds and farming tools), collecting and distributing donations and visiting Penan families and students in far-flung schools.

Some 14 villagers in Limbang and Miri divisions of Sarawak have benefited from the weaving project and other projects carried out by MWWA.

In Limbang, they’ve helped villagers of Long Perisik, Long Rayah, Long Sulung , Long Sembayang, Long Tegan, Long Keneng, Long Gita, Long Napir, Long Balau and Long Seliang while in Miri Division they’ve helped villagers of Long Karangan, Long Nen, Ba Marong and Long Kevok.

If you would like to help MWWA, please contact us. We welcome your assistance and help!